a note on this weekend adventure:

I am happy with all the photos I was able to take this weekend, but I feel I could have done better/gotten more. I  am still very new with my DSLR and pretty much photography in general and i think it shows in my photos. A lot of them may have a unique composition, but the focus is mostly always off. It’s what I am struggling most with. The photos may look good to me in the view finder or on the screen but once I get them on the computer they’re just not so good. But I guess that’s what practice is for.. I think I can [and will] get better, it’ll just take time and plenty of practice.

Anyways, here are some of my favorite photos that I was able to take at the zoo! 


I love the coloring on these lovely birds. They make me happy. :]


My brother is a goof.


This gorilla kind of blew my mind. He was so crazy and human like. It was my very first experience seeing a gorilla. He even posed for me. He was such a character! There was another gorilla just lying on the ground playing with his feet [obviously super bored] just like a toddler would do. Some crazy stuff. [Disclaimer: I DO NOT believe we came from monkeys, the personalities of the monkeys just struck me as an amazing thing]


The elephants struck me as such gentle sweet animals. I love elephants, they are beautiful and majestic to me. 





One thought on “a note on this weekend adventure:

  1. Looks like a fun trip! My favorite picture is the snake!
    I love going outside and taking photos of wildlife. It’s the best way to practice for me because the longer you stay out, the more you start to notice!

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