Penelope Adelle- Month Two


This past month has been filled with new things and learning. Things like trying to roll over, standing with little help from us besides for balance, sitting up with nearly no help from us at all, holding her head up like a pro, and developing her skill at using her mouth/hands more controlled.

Penelope is growing up so fast already! She loves routine, sleep all night, wake up, eat, play, and sleep again, over and over all day. This is nice for me because I can always figure out really easily what she is fussing about when she does get fussy. She’s either hungry or she’s ready for a nap. I usually either rock her and sing her to sleep or read her a book to get her extra sleepy and then stick her in her crib and she usually goes right to sleep.

The other morning I noticed her trying to turn over for the first time. She had made it to her side, from her back, but wasn’t quite able to turn all the way over. After we gave her a little push, barely anything at all though, she was able to turn right over. I’m sure she’s just days away from being able to do it herself! Also, she has been trying her hardest to stand up. She constantly wants to try. While we are holding her she’ll often tense up her whole body and make her legs all straight until we stand her up, then she’ll stand there for the longest time, usually with little help from us, besides holding her hand[s] for balance.

I am so proud of my little girl and how fast she’s growing and learning. It’s constantly amazing to me how smart she is and how fast she’s growing! She’s already outgrown some of my favorite outfits of hers and is working on outgrowing some other favorites, too [very quickly I must add].



Baby’s Characteristics:

→Very smart- At just 2 months she has learned how to stand [with little help from us for balance], sit up, mimic the sounds we make while talking, her favorite phrase currently is ‘ah goo’ while blowing spit bubbles.

→Diligent- She gets so frustrated while trying to turn over, you can hear her grunting and trying her hardest, but she doesn’t give up…Even when her leg muscles get weak from trying to hold her body weight she lets herself sit down for a second and then quickly stands back up.

→Weight- She weighed 11lbs 9oz when we went to the doctor for her 2 month checkup.

→Hair- Her hair is getting longer and longer. It’s now starting to get scruffy and giving her some cute ‘bed head’.



Baby’s Accomplishments:

-Can stand mostly on her own. (8 weeks)

-Can sit up with little to no help. (8 weeks)

-Can hold her head up like a pro! (8 weeks)

-Follows a nice sleep routine and sleeps throughout the night. (6 weeks)

-Has started trying to turn over. (10 weeks)


Until next time,

Amanda x♥o♥


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