Penelope Adelle- Month Two


This past month has been filled with new things and learning. Things like trying to roll over, standing with little help from us besides for balance, sitting up with nearly no help from us at all, holding her head up like a pro, and developing her skill at using her mouth/hands more controlled.

Penelope is growing up so fast already! She loves routine, sleep all night, wake up, eat, play, and sleep again, over and over all day. This is nice for me because I can always figure out really easily what she is fussing about when she does get fussy. She’s either hungry or she’s ready for a nap. I usually either rock her and sing her to sleep or read her a book to get her extra sleepy and then stick her in her crib and she usually goes right to sleep.

The other morning I noticed her trying to turn over for the first time. She had made it to her side, from her back, but wasn’t quite able to turn all the way over. After we gave her a little push, barely anything at all though, she was able to turn right over. I’m sure she’s just days away from being able to do it herself! Also, she has been trying her hardest to stand up. She constantly wants to try. While we are holding her she’ll often tense up her whole body and make her legs all straight until we stand her up, then she’ll stand there for the longest time, usually with little help from us, besides holding her hand[s] for balance.

I am so proud of my little girl and how fast she’s growing and learning. It’s constantly amazing to me how smart she is and how fast she’s growing! She’s already outgrown some of my favorite outfits of hers and is working on outgrowing some other favorites, too [very quickly I must add].



Baby’s Characteristics:

→Very smart- At just 2 months she has learned how to stand [with little help from us for balance], sit up, mimic the sounds we make while talking, her favorite phrase currently is ‘ah goo’ while blowing spit bubbles.

→Diligent- She gets so frustrated while trying to turn over, you can hear her grunting and trying her hardest, but she doesn’t give up…Even when her leg muscles get weak from trying to hold her body weight she lets herself sit down for a second and then quickly stands back up.

→Weight- She weighed 11lbs 9oz when we went to the doctor for her 2 month checkup.

→Hair- Her hair is getting longer and longer. It’s now starting to get scruffy and giving her some cute ‘bed head’.



Baby’s Accomplishments:

-Can stand mostly on her own. (8 weeks)

-Can sit up with little to no help. (8 weeks)

-Can hold her head up like a pro! (8 weeks)

-Follows a nice sleep routine and sleeps throughout the night. (6 weeks)

-Has started trying to turn over. (10 weeks)


Until next time,

Amanda x♥o♥


Penelope Adelle Kelso- Month One

So, since I have a bad problem of starting a blog for a specific reason being all ‘gung ho’ about keeping up with the blog for a few days, at most a few weeks, and then neglecting it from then on only to get inspiration later to start a new blog with another specific purpose. I have decided to attempt to save myself and everyone else the trouble of having to deal with a new blog and give this formerly photography blog a new life as a ‘baby book’ sort of blog.



988394_10202761028216755_504717163_nThe first month, more specifically the first week, was probably the most difficult to date. Everything was so new for all of us, Penelope included. Our sleep schedules were all off and her and I had to find a feeding routine which worked best for us both.

At first I was really set on breastfeeding. I was under the impression that it was just something that came naturally and would be a really easy really wonderful thing; therefore I made the mistake of spending my time researching what laundry detergent to use with cloth diapers, which baby wrap I wanted, which swing was the best [things that could have easily been saved for after baby was born to make room for more important research subject, such as breastfeeding].

The second night at the hospital, after a great first night of feeding just fine [so I thought], we were having trouble. I was getting stressed, she was getting stressed, we were both tired out of our minds and the nursery worker asked me if she could give her a bottle so she would calm down. I was not aware of such a thing as ‘nipple confusion’ so therefore said, “Sure, that sounds great.” We could both rest a little, calm down, and she would be fed and happy. Sadly, it wasn’t all roses and lollipops like I thought it would be. Giving her that bottle was the worst decision I ever made. Ever since that one bottle she has refused to breast feed. She seemed to just prefer the easiness and quickness of a bottle. I’ve tried everything and done my fair share of research trying to figure out how to get her off the bottle again, but nothing has worked. I shortly began pumping and supplementing between formula and breast milk. I am okay with this. This way Eric gets a chance to feed her and bond with her and I can even leave her with a baby sitter without worrying about having to breast feed her.

If I could change things though, I would definitely go back and do my research BEFORE I had Penelope and I would have stuck with breast feeding. Maybe I will have more success with the next one now that I know everything I do.

Okay, enough with the boobs. Here are some more pictures of my darling little, who Eric and I affectionately call ‘Baby’. I am super proud of her, more proud then I have ever been of anything. I have never been so excited to show anything off that I created in my life until now.



Baby’s Characteristics:

– It seems that even since the womb she has been one willful baby.  Even after the quite a few times I was sure she was going to join us on the earth she held out and would not come.  Even a week after my due date, when I was only dilated 1cm and had to be induced, she refused to come and had to removed surgically. She just didn’t want to come out. When she gets something in her head she will do what she can to have it her way. ;]

– She is a very cuddly and loving. She loves lying on your shoulder with her head down, one arm wrapped around your shoulder, one around your neck, so sweet and adorable.

– She had jaundice when she was born so she was very cranky and sleepy at first. It never got too bad and she wasn’t harmed by it at all.

-She has huge dark blue eyes & more hair than I had expected her to have [thats not saying much though, I expected her to be as bald as a pool cue ;)]

-She was born weighing 8 lbs 3 oz. and measuring 19.5 in.

Baby’s Accomplishments:

-At just four weeks my baby was cooing and smiling like crazy! So cute with her toothless little self.

-Sleeps at least 6 hours straight through the night.

-Can mimic sounds and movements to a certain extent.

-Said ‘Okay’ & ‘Hungry’ at least twice.

Until next time,

Amanda x♥o♥

One Doodle That Can’t Be Undid, Homeslice.

image (7)

The Journey:

It’s been a long journey so far, especially with all the stress of work, finding a car, finding Eric a job, and refinding a car [long story]. It’s totally not as bad as it was the first few months though and I can’t even begin to describe my excitement for the baby!

Twenty Weeks!

Girl? Boy? Alien?:

Unfortunately we are not sure of the sex yet, and won’t be till the 21st of August, but we have a hunch it may be a girl and I cannot wait to find out for sure so i can get all the baby stuff ready.

Twenty One Weeks!


Ah, naming the baby is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do in my life. This is something so huge and meaningful that your child will carry with them for the rest of their lives. It’s so weird not knowing what is growing inside of me, I never know what to call the baby and it feels like betrayal to the baby to call it an ‘it’.

Since we figure Baby K is a girl those are the types of names we have been focussing on. We don’t want something very common, but nothing to crazy either. There are also differing opinions amongst my husband and I. He loves some names that I hate[Adalaide, Juniper, Saphron] and I love some names that he hates [Zuri, Paisley, Scarlett, Charlie]. We do have a few that we agree on though, but I think we’re both not ready to make a decision as of yet.

Now a boy is a whole different story though, we have a very very select few picked out and if we are told it is a boy I am quite confident we could pick out a for sure name within that very same day! Boy names as so much easier for me to choose for some reason.
Main Contenders for Baby She:
-Liara Naomi

Main Contenders for Baby He:

Twenty Three Weeks!

Twenty Three Weeks!

Baby K:

Since 14 weeks the baby has been moving, non stop it seems. It’s such a weird feeling, but so nice to have little reminders that the baby is okay. That is part of the reason we were unable to determine the sex during my ultrasound, the baby was constantly in a different position.

The heartbeat, according to my most recent appointment, was at 147 and very strong. There is an old wives tale that says the slower heartbeat [147 is on the verge of being slow] signifies a male, which showed true with my little brother, but the doctor says it is usually not something you can live by.

Twenty Four Weeks!

Thoughts On The Matter:

Only 3 more months, which are going to soar by, and we will have a new little life to cherish! I’m really very excited to see Eric become a father. I have no doubt in my mind that he is going to make a great dad and I cannot wait!

image (2)

P.s. I think I love the movie Juno so much solely because of Rainn Wilson’s scene. It is the best.

a note on this weekend adventure:

I am happy with all the photos I was able to take this weekend, but I feel I could have done better/gotten more. I  am still very new with my DSLR and pretty much photography in general and i think it shows in my photos. A lot of them may have a unique composition, but the focus is mostly always off. It’s what I am struggling most with. The photos may look good to me in the view finder or on the screen but once I get them on the computer they’re just not so good. But I guess that’s what practice is for.. I think I can [and will] get better, it’ll just take time and plenty of practice.

Anyways, here are some of my favorite photos that I was able to take at the zoo! 


I love the coloring on these lovely birds. They make me happy. :]


My brother is a goof.


This gorilla kind of blew my mind. He was so crazy and human like. It was my very first experience seeing a gorilla. He even posed for me. He was such a character! There was another gorilla just lying on the ground playing with his feet [obviously super bored] just like a toddler would do. Some crazy stuff. [Disclaimer: I DO NOT believe we came from monkeys, the personalities of the monkeys just struck me as an amazing thing]


The elephants struck me as such gentle sweet animals. I love elephants, they are beautiful and majestic to me.